On this page I will endeavour to explain the evolution of Punch and introduce you to his many friends, there are some gaps in this historic story as true recorded details are far and few, but please if you know some thing different then please get in touch so the story can be amended.


In the begining, arround the middle of the 17th century there was Punch who took himself a wife, Joan who during the early part of the 19th century changed her name to Judy (reason unknown).

Dog Toby was also around during the middle part of the 17th century.

Then came the Devil, the Doctor and the Beagle, (a portrayer of the law), and of course the Baby.

The Beagle evolved into a Police Man during the early 20th century. A Black servant was prominant in most shows  until the 1960's although it was not always clear that he was a servant rather than just another character to cause mayhem to Mr Punch.

Jack Ketch (The Hangman) was introduced in the 19th century and he can still be seen in some of todays shows along with the hanging scene despite the abolishment of Capital punishment in 1964.

Joey the Clown was introduced some time in the 20th century and remains a prominent character.

The Crocodile was a late arrival in the story some time during the latter part of the 20th Century who incidently evolved from a Dragon.

The Ghost is still occasionaly seen which originally was the Ghost of Judy but now is simply a Ghost.

Lesser known puppets were Scaramouch a figure with an extending neck, Hector the Hobby Horse, a Blind man and Pretty Polly who was Mr Punch's so called mistress. There are many other characters

that have appeared in the story through the years

which include a Courtier, a second Policeman, a

couple of Undertakers, an Irishman, a Sailor,

Plate Spinners and two Boxers.

There may well be even more, I would be more

than pleased to recieve any pics you may have.....

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I would be as pleased as Punch!

punch and joey judy judy