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punch is not late !

every one else is early....

       judy x



Punch is going back to skool and he is taking all of his friends with him, that is of course Judy, Joey the Clown, Policeman Plod, the Crocodile, Baby and not forgetting the sausages.

I have been performing my Punch and Judy shows in schools and Nurseries for over 25 years travelling the length and breadth of this fair land,

Punch and judy shows have been watched here in the UK since 1662 and has become an institution.

All this history and a full show can be in your School soon.

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Punch's Skool time table

is a full 1 hours entertainment which includes an historic introduction of Mr Punch and his friends plus puppetry in  general.

A full 30 minute traditional show that has been tamed down somewhat for todays audience,

Question and Answer time with a chance for some of the pupils to hold the puppets and full lecture notes with links to other useful sites plus cut out theatre and puppets for the teacher to use.


           mr punch x

My diary,

some schools I went to:

Riverside Community Primary School

Porthleven Community Primary School

Looe Primary sShool

Stoke Demerel Community College

Trenance Learning Academy

Bow Community Primary School


Mr punch gets his come uppance

pre school pic